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Welcome to GRAHA

Thousands of boys and girls have moved through the programs developed and sponsored by the Grand Rapids Amateur Hockey Association.   Hundreds of volunteer coaches have invested in the development of players and worked for the success of every child.  Today GRAHA and its volunteers serve 427 players, and have developed a storied regional system of excellent hockey.  

Rink Address

IRA Civic Center
1401 NW 3rd Avenue
Grand Rapids, MN  55744
Phone:  218-326-2500

We are a LiveBarn Venue.  If you can’t make it to the rink, you can still stay connected by watching all events Live and On-Demand.

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2020 10,000 Puck Club Challenge

flaming puck image


flaming puck image

Sponsored by: Clafton Skate, Kyle Casey State Farm, and The Dutch Room & Mad Dog's Pizza

Current Club Members:

2020 10K puck Finishers

Jax Colter

Kylie Debay

Henrik Carlson

Will Haarklau

Micah Brey

Zandon Chamberlin

Kegan Ferguson

Finn Ryan

Bo Soular

Ellie Hahn

Opal Anderson

Emmett Eichorn

Luke Palacek

Sophie Carlson

Katelyn  Carlson

Cody Major

Benjamin Eichorn





Sponsored by: Clafton Skate, Kyle Casey State Farm, and The Dutch Room & Mad Dog's Pizza

Brooks Skelton
Jax Colter
Kegan Ferguson
Bryce Mattson
Tate Sweeny
Bryce Dekich
Micah Brey
Owen Kastendick
Owen Haarklau
Will Haarklau
Tucker Debay
Kylie Debay
Ty Miller
Ben Simons
Blake Simons
Owen Nelson
Sully Nelson
Sammy Johnson
Joe Sevigy
Brian Bourquin
Luke Wheelock
Beckett Reindeau
Nash Colter
Hazel Sweeney
Haddie Sweeney
Hunter Theisen
Asher Salbarg
Austin Salberg
Sam Shermoen
Will Shermoen
Charlie Shermoen

Tommy Crosslet

Lauren Huttner

Will Huttner

Boys HS Hockey Website

Click to check it out!

Concussion Awareness & Protocol

This link is provided to give parents and players easy access to vital information related to concussions. Should you think your son or daughter may be affected PLEASE SEEK QUALIFIED MEDICAL ATTENTION and read the information available at this link.

Parent Education Information - USA Hockey

Lots of GREAT information available at USA Hockey. Click on this link to see.