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GR Rink Rat Challenge 2020-21


Clafton's Sporting Goods

State Farm Insurance ~ Kyle Casey

The Dutch Room & Mad Dog's Pizza

GRAHA Rink Rat Challenge

Objective: To encourage our GRAHA hockey players to get outdoors and practice the game of hockey while developing the skills where hockey players are made.  No coaches, no structure just pure hockey. 

From November 2020 – End of March 2021

Goal:To improve general hockey skills through additional ice time


  • Complete 50 additional hours of hockey skating outdoors  • Scheduled team practices and games do not count for extra ice time
  • Working on hockey skills (skating, puck handling, shooting) with friends and family
  • Use the Rink Rat form below to record your time
  • Return your sheet to …….email by end of March to and receive a Rink Rat T-Shirt and your name on Website and Wall of Workers  

We had 8 combined finishers of the Rink Rat and 10,000 puck challenge this year!

 Micah Brey, 

Jax Colter, 

Sammy Johnson, 

Will Haarklau, 

Henrik Carlson, 

Kegan Ferguson, 

Easton Hack, & 

Luke Wheelock


We drew the winner of the signed Goligoski jersey at the Dutchroom Dec 16th and the winner was Will Haarklau.


The Rink Rat challenge begins at the start of outdoor ice and ends in the spring and only includes outdoor time spent separate from GRAHA practices. And the 10,000 puck challenge begins at the end of the hockey season and concludes at the start of the next hockey season. It is a year worth of work that these kids put in collectively outside of practice!  That itself is worth congratulations for their effort!


Thank you again to our sponsors Dutchroom, State Farm – Kyle Casey and Clafton’s.

Last Year's 2020 Rink Rat Challenge Members!!

Brooks Skelton ~~ Jax Colter ~~ Kegan Ferguson ~~ Bryce Mattson ~~ Tate Sweeny ~~ Bryce Dekich ~~ Micah Brey ~~ Owen Kastendick ~~ Owen Haarklau ~~ Will Haarklau ~~ Tucker Debay ~~ Kylie Debay ~~ Ty Miller ~~ Ben Simons ~~ Blake Simons ~~ Owen Nelson ~~ Sully Nelson ~~ Sammy Johnson ~~ Joe Sevigy ~~ Brian Bourquin ~~ Luke Wheelock ~~ Beckett Reindeau ~~ Nash Colter ~~ Hazel Sweeney ~~ Haddie Sweeney ~~ Hunter Theisen ~~ Asher Salbarg ~~ Austin Salberg ~~ Sam Shermoen ~~ Will Shermoen ~~ Charlie Shermoen ~~ Tommy Crossley ~~ Lauren Huttner ~~ Will Huttner