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Offseason Training Activities

Offseason Training Activities

Weekly workout challenge - earn points and awards!

Every week each player may earn up to 300pnts.  They cannot obtain points for a single activity more than once per day, or four times per week but they can split up workouts into however many days they like per week.

Email with a copy of excel sheet filled out and I will post the totals (link and how to videos posted soon!).

Weeks start on Monday and end on Sundays

Wk1 - July 6-12

Wk2 - July 13-19

Wk3 - July 20-26

Wk4 - July 27-Aug 2

August on-ice camps (Yoga/Dry on Pavillion - Ice @ IRA)

Coaches Jeremy Carlson, Brad Hyduke and more TBD

Sign up by the week, prices will be somewhere between $100-$120 depending on week and number signed up.  Maximum 20 skaters per week.

August 4-7 - Yoga 1145-1:35/Ice 12:50-1:50/Dryland 2-3pm

August 10-13 - Yoga 1145-1:35/Ice 12:50-1:50

August 17-20 - Yoga 8:00-8:45/On Ice 9-10:00/Dryland 10:15-11:15

August 24-27 - Yoga 8:00-8:45/On Ice 9-10:00/Dryland 10:15-11:15

Week 1-3 July Challenge Points

Meisha Fairchild - 300/260/300 = 860 total

Sophie Carlson - 145/85/300 = 530 total

Opal Anderson - 300pnts = 300 total

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Week 4 bonus

Volunteer to do 1 hour of chores around your house.  Parents should tell them its the weekly challenge and then up to the player to initiate.  10pnts per one hour per day (max 40 points).  

Week 3 bonus points

Work out with a friend virtually (facetime, zoom, skype) - 10 extra points each workout

Week 2 bonus - Animal Walks

Spend 15 minutes working on the following animal walks Duck walk - Bunny hop - Sneaking Ape - Crab Walk - Crouching Tiger - Bear Crab Roll or Monkey Roll