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On to 2020!

Hello All,

Picture Day ID # if you need to order pictures is MI999216X0

Keep up the great work!  Hockey lessons can be life lessons with some parental guidance.  A few big games coming up then a nice test of progress in Brainerd at the end of the month!

The "official" ice schedule is


I will continue to make every effort to make sure sportsengine is updated so that you can rely on it until we have a team manager.

A few parents have asked what they can do to help their daughters improve.

#1 - Recognize and encourage their progress.  Kids learn faster when they are engaged and having fun.  Remember our focus, effort and attitude.  Those are two things they can control.  Let them know you enjoy watching them play.

#2 - With the ice in good shape in the outdoor parks, encourage them to get outside and practice their skating when time allows.  Puck skills would be great for everyone to work on, bring a puck and work on filthy dangles and corner shots, remember hard shots to bottom corners are often more successful than bar down flutter pucks.  Log their hours to see if they can win the "rink rat" challenge of 50 hours of unstructured play outdoors this winter.

#3 - Encourage them to go stickhandle in the garage when they are bored.  A golf ball, a tennis ball, a stickhandling ball - they all work!  Remind them how good they will get at hockey (or any other hobby) if they transfer screen time to action time.

- The coaches

Lightning Cup - Teams and Schedule

The second half of the Lightning cup is scheduled to start Jan 9th and run to Feb 13th with a final championship round set on Feb 27th.

It is imperative that I know ASAP if your child cannot make these games especially if they are listed as a goalie.

Recent Casper 10UB GREEN GIRLS News

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Locker Room Monitor Schedule

10/7 to 10/13 Tobeck
10/14 to 10/20 Cole
10/21 to 10/27 Feldt

10/28 to 11/3

11/4 to 11/10 Schultz
11/11 to 11/17 Casper
11/18 to 11/24 Christy
11/25 to 12/1 DeBay
12/2 to 12/8 Duell
12/9 to 12/15 Geisler
12/16 to 12/22 Gunderman
12/23 to 12/29 Larson
12/30 to 1/5 Sjodin
1/6 to 1/12 Tulek
1/13 to 1/19 Tobeck
1/20 to 1/26 Cole
1/27 to 2/2 Feldt
2/3 to 2/9 LeClaire
2/10 to 2/16 Schultz
2/17 to 2/23 Casper
2/24 to 3/1 Christy
3/2 to 3/8


3/9 to 3/15