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Regular Season 2019-2020
2019-2020 x Regular Season

Pictures Dec 9.

I am looking for anyone who is available to help with passing out picture forms and then passing out pictures once they are complete and delivered.  Lifetouch will take care of collecting the forms and $$.

Pictures are upstairs at IRA.  Kids should wear all their gear minus their helmets and skates.  I would suggest arriving at the arena with gear on as all the locker rooms will be used by other teams who have scheduled practice.

Times are as follows

600- Members Co-op 6u Green

610- Bruin Construction 6u Orange

620- American Bank 8u Green

630- Kuschel and Chandler 8u Orange

Also we will be having a parents meeting on that same night at 540pm in the west rink stands in the student section (left side just south of the players benches).  Purpose is to just clarify "who is one what team" and "which team/kids go to each event".

Welcome to GRG 6u/8u Hockey!

Hello all,

First and foremost thank you for giving your daughters the opportunity to learn to play hockey.  

All jerseys have been handed out.  There are 12 girls on each "8u" team.  This is really the maximum that we can roll with as to not have kids spending most of their time on the bench.  Any jamborees that one of the "8u" kids cannot make we will pull up one of the 1st grade girls to participate.  For our jamboree we will split the "6u" teams into three teams of 8-10 again, to allow for more ice time.  I have attached a list just for clarity on the right hand side of this page.

From a practice standpoint all the girls will practice at the same time on our indoor weekday ice.  I have been able to get extra ice since our group is so big roughly every other weekend.  Please pay attention to whether it is listed as "8u" or "6u".   

Once we have outdoor ice the more mature girls (I will leave this to parent discretion but generally 1st-3rd graders) will have ice time most Tuesdays at 4pm and Thursdays at 5pm weather dependent.

Practices at 6u and 8u are far from mandatory.  We want to make sure above all else your daughters are having fun and if they have something more important to do that night, or are just not feeling up to playing hockey that is OK!  

Please see the events listed below.  Once we get into the season some events will have room for everyone (Youth night, Little Chippers, Home Jamboree) and others we will need to do a rotation (Hibbing, Brainerd) 

It is critically important that you download the sportsengine app and use it to RSVP for practices, games and events.  The more notice I have to your availability the better job I can do to make sure everyone gets to experience as much as they can AND that we can plan practices effectively.

We do have a few 3rd graders interested in the goalie position.  As the season gets further along I will also be asking younger kids (or other 3rd graders) who wants to give it a try.  Again this should be a fun, new experience and not something that you or they need to stress about.  Good goalies are good skaters and often vice versa.  Learning about hockey happens in all sorts of ways!

We do not have locker room monitors at this age.  Parents are allowed to help their kids get dressed and children should remain clothed while getting their gear on or go into a bathroom in the unlikely event they do not wear shorts/t-shirts.  Your child's behavior off the ice is your responsibility.  If you would like to text me your contact info I will be happy to call you should your child need to contact you.  Children are not allowed to have cell phones in the locker room and I would suggest keeping them out of the arena.  Parents/Coaches are not allowed to use any recording device capabilities in the locker rooms.   

Any questions text me 398-2625 (I will reply when I can) or send a note to all on the sportengine message feature.  Odds are good if you have a question, with 52 other families someone else has the same question as well as that someone may get you the answer quicker than I can.

Again, thank you for giving your daughter this awesome opportunity,

Jeremy Carlson and all of our wonderful 8u/6u coaches.

American Bank

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Bruin Construction

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Sponsored by Chandler and Kuschel Insurance Agency - Grinnell Mutual

Chandler and Kuschel Insurance Agency - Grinnell Mutual

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Members Cooperative Credit Union

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Lightning Cup - Teams and Schedule

Throughout the season 3rd graders will be placed on a team with 4th and 5th graders and compete in 8 cross ice scrimmages of 3v3 to try to win the cup!


We will need the following off ice help this year!

Pictures - make sure everyone gets their pictures when they are delivered to us

Jerseys - Thank you Shannon Sweeney!

Brainerd Jamboree - we will need someone to collect money and distribute t-shirts any players order

Hibbing jamboree - we will need someone to collect money and distribute t-shirts any players order

Home tournament - we will need to have a lead organizer with several helpers.  We need to get donations for swag bags, packing of bags, host/direct visiting teams, order/design t shirts.

Clock - when we scrimmage it is helpful to have someone run the clock so the coaches can focus on the kids.