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Regular Season 2018-2019
2018-2019 x Regular Season

Watch this video with your kids during the polar vortex!

FOUND IT!  Scroll down to the first video block!

Final two weeks

Please pay attention to the Sports Engine Invites/Names of events.  We will be doing some scrimmages/practices with just 3rd and 4th graders and some with just 5th and 6th graders.  Let me know if your confused.

Our team needs to supervise the Pavillion 5-10pm on 2/25-3/1.

Please let us know if you are available to pick up one night.

There may still be two games versus the boys squirts after the season but our two teams may get broken up to keep the games competitive - not sure yet.

Team Party is on March 4th at Mount Itasca.  See team managers emails for details.

Old reminders...

All locker room monitors must be female and over the age of 25.  They also will need to complete background screening through MN hockey, which is free.  If you are assigned a week that is bad for you, you can trade but please let the team managers know (Kristin Klinefelter and Rachel Neururer) so we can keep the list accurate.

You first need to sign up as an ice manager/volunteer with USA hockey

Then complete screening.  We are District 12




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Locker Room Monitor Schedule

Earhart Nov 5-11
Klinefelter Nov 12-18
Geisler Nov 19-25
Carlson Nov 26-Dec3
Thomsen Dec 4-10
Fairchild Dec 11-16
Anderson Dec 17-23
Sheiman Dec 24-Dec 30
Christy Dec 31-Jan6
Basarich Jan7-13
Benes Jan14-20
Cargill Jan 21-27
Wishard Jan 28-Feb 3
Neurer Feb 4-10
Basarich Feb 11-17
Benes Feb 18-24
Fairchild Feb 25-March 4