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Regular Season 2018-2019
2018-2019 x Regular Season

This week 12-11-18

Please check your messages, to summarize

We are in the middle of an 11d run of hockey and we understand that it can get to be too much for players and parents, especially with all the extra activities involved with the holidays quickly approaching.  Please feel empowered to make an individual decision for your family/child on attending 12/12 or 12/13 practices.

On Friday we are going to trial a scrimmage vs our most advanced 8u (primarily 3rd graders) .  We have selected players who we want to have an opportunity to develop their confidence and skate in a situation where they are able to control the game to some degree.  Please have players wear white jerseys.

Claire Klinefelter           Maddy Sheiman          Andrea Basarich

Olivia Geisler                Rylee Toivonen           Quinn Cargill

Alyssa Benes                Ella Weber                  Joey Meyer

Emma Duell                 Savannah Feldt           Evie Tobeck                   

We are also going to trial a scrimmage vs the Squirt B boys team at 5:40pm with the following players.  We expect the game to be fast and challenging and have selected players who we feel would find developmental value in being pulled out of their comfort zone.  Players should wear white jerseys.

Haylee Forrest             Abby Zimmer                Kylie Debay

Ellie Troumbley            Kate Swenson               Claire Larson

Jaleyn Cole                  Sam Earhart                 Lily Wishard

Meisha Fairchild           Ava Neururer                Opal Anderson

Sophia Carlson

It is important for your player to understand that they are all part of the GRG team (white), and when we are back on our black/green teams at 6:01 on Friday that they are part of their team subset (green/black). 

We will be talking with them about this to try to prevent any destructive attitudes or behaviors of less than/more than.  Hockey is a great game because it takes a full team of players pulling in the right direction to play well.  Our goal is to develop players mentally and physically to do this now and in the future.   

Throughout the season we continue to build mental fortitude and resilience through action and experience.  I will also try to find time to discuss this with each players parents.  I can tell you that, the most common issue I have found in working with our communities highest level athletes is the assumption/focus on physical development, often at the detriment to mental development/resilience (and I am not talking about hockey IQ).

If anyone has any questions please let any of the coaches know via email, phone or in person.

All locker room monitors must be female and over the age of 25.  They also will need to complete background screening through MN hockey, which is free.  If you are assigned a week that is bad for you, you can trade but please let the team managers know (Kristin Klinefelter and Rachel Neururer) so we can keep the list accurate.

You first need to sign up as an ice manager/volunteer with USA hockey

Then complete screening.  We are District 12




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Locker Room Monitor Schedule

Earhart Nov 5-11
Klinefelter Nov 12-18
Geisler Nov 19-25
Carlson Nov 26-Dec3
Thomsen Dec 4-10
Fairchild Dec 11-16
Anderson Dec 17-23
Sheiman Dec 24-Dec 30
Christy Dec 31-Jan6
Basarich Jan7-13
Cargill Jan14-20
Benes Jan 21-27
Wishard Jan 28-Feb 3
Neurer Feb 4-10
Basarich Feb 11-17
Benes Feb 18-24
Fairchild Feb 25-March 4