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Squirt B Orange

Regular Season 2011-2012
2011-2012 x Regular Season

New games, tourney and hotels

            feb 25th Bagley here at 7pm and feb 26th hibbing at memorial bld at 615pm.      Questions email or call Neil  218 259 0818 (



































Warming Schedule Feb 13 -17

              Mon    5-7  , simonson .  Mon  7-9, brewster   Tues 5-7,  hoffstad.  Tues 7-9, Marlette.  Wed 5-7, Lindsay.   Wed 7-9, Ogle Thurs 5-7, Topper.  Thurs 7-9 , Brenny. Fri 5-7 Seledic.   Fri 7-9 Galatz.     Find me at the game or email me.   Neil                 


21 wins loss 11 tie 1

Squirt B Orange Latest Results

3-1 in virginia!  nice season boys 21-11-1   3-1 again Tucker was on fire!  one more tourney .    Tough tourney in Sauk (big kids) but we won the 1st game sat and lost the next two.  Though we played hard!  6-3 loss to benidji on friday  2-1 in home tourney. With a loss to forest lake and wins over Rogers and Little Falls. 3-1 in Crookston Tourney.   a loss  to Grand forks supras and wins on red lake falls , Grand Rapids Black ( 150 miles to play them!) and Fargo freeze  10 u 1 Grand Rapids Orange 3 we are the only team to beat this team so far!              Max Gets  a shutout!  Grand Rapids Orange 9 Greenway Green 0,    

Squirt B Orange Recent News


Nice tourney Boys!  3-1   Wow Tucker was on fire!.  I am not doing a bulk hotel for Virginia  feel free to let me know where you are staying and I will post it.  

North Rink Supervision and Closing Procedures

11/30/2011, 10:18am (CST)

GRAHA is responsible for supervising the North Rinks Warming House on weeknights throughout the season. Each team is assigned to one week. Here's the list and schedule.

Grand Rapids Parks & Recreation

GRAHA Warming House Supervisor Schedule

Each team listed below is responsible for supervising the warming house located at the North Rinks (behind the Civic Center) from 5:00 – 9:00 pm, Monday – Friday for the duration of the outdoor skating season.  Supervisor must be at least 18 years old.  Responsibilities include:
  • Supervise conduct of skaters on the ice and in the warming house
  • Assist in shoveling the rinks when necessary
  • At 9:00 pm, set the light timer to 1 hour and shut off rink light switch
  • Set thermostat to 55 degrees
  • Shut off warming house lights and lock door when you leave

Week of:        Team
Dec. 5        BTM A
Dec. 12        BTM B
Dec. 19        PW A
Jan. 2            PW B1
Jan. 9         14U
Jan. 16        12U A
Jan. 23        12U B
Jan. 30        SQ A
Feb. 6            SQ BLK
Feb. 13        SQ ORG
Feb. 20        SQ WHT
Feb. 27        10U A
Mar. 5        10U B

Please call Dale at the Civic Center, 326-2500 with any questions



Closing Procedures

Warming house closes at 9:00 pm


  1. Overhead Lights - if skaters are still present at 9:00 pm turn timer dial to 1 hour and turn off light switch.
  2. Warn skaters who plan to stay to get their belongings out of the warming house.
  3. Turn thermostat down to 55 degrees.
  4. Turn off warming house light.
  5. Lock door knob and pull door shut.


  • If a skater is injured while attending the warming house, find an employee inside the Civic Center to assist you. For minor cuts and bumps a first aid kit containing band aids, gauze, tape, etc. is on the shelf.
  • If it is extremely cold and no skaters are present after 7:00 pm, feel free to close.

Squirt B Orange Contact Info


Todd Peart


Brian Miller Asst.Coach




Neil Seledic- Team Website