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GRAHA Board Minutes APRIL 2018

07/17/2018, 8:00am CDT
By Mark Butterfield

GRAHA Board of Directors

Monthly Meeting


7:00 PM

Madden’s Dutch Room



 Board Members Present: Sean Colter, David Kuschel, Chris Henrichsen, Chris Marinucci, Peter Miskovich, Jeremy Carlson, and Mark Butterfield


 Other Members Present: Colleen Forrest, Sarah Polhamus, and Ryan DeBay. Gambling Manager Dale Christy presented via phone.


 Financials-  Treasurer Chris Henrichsen went over the monthly financials, balance sheet, and profitand loss. Approval for the check register- motion made by David Kuschel, seconded by Mark Butterfield, and approved by all.


 Gambling Update- Dale Christy spoke over the telephone regarding gambling updates. Request was made to approve the April 2018 gambling budget. Motion was made by Chris Marinucci, seconded by Chris Henrichsen, and approved by all.

A $500 donation request was made by the Grand Rapids High School Post-Prom Committeefor post-prom activities. A motion was made for approval by David Kuschel, seconded by Mark Butterfield, and approved by all.

Dale Christy also spoke on the possibilities of adding a pull tab site at the Grand Rapids Ground Round. This will be tabled for the May 2018 meeting.


 Next up the Boy’s PDC made recommendations for the following 2018-2019 season regarding Bantam and Peewee teams. The PDC recommends three Bantam teams- AA, A, and B1. The PDC also recommends two teams for Peewees- AA and B1. A motion was made by Jeremy Carlson to approve both the Bantam and Peewee team recommendations, seconded by David Kuschel, all board members in attendance approved except for one “No” vote by Chris Henrichsen.


 Girl’s PDC update was given by Liaison Jeremy Carlson- Jeremy recommended a 12U A and a 12U B team for the 2018-2019 season. Motionmade by David Kuschel to approve, seconded by Sean Colter, and approved by all board members.

Next was Jeremy Carlson’s recommendation for two 10U B teams for the 2018-2019 Season. Member input was given by Ryan DeBay and Colleen Forrest in regards to wanting a 10U A and a 10U B team. After input was given, motion made by Sean Colter to have a 10U and and 10U B team, seconded by Mark Butterfield, voting for by Peter Miskovich, Sean Colter, Mark Butterfield, and Chris Marinucci. Voting against were David Kuschel, Jeremy Carlson, and Chris Henrichsen. Motion passed. After further input was given regarding expected low numbers for the 10U teams and the possibility of having to request 5 girls to move up from the 8U program, a motion was made to rescind the 10U a and B teams by Chris Marinucci, seconded by Sean Colter, and approved by all. Further input was requested by the board regarding player numbers in the girl’s program.

Next up there was a discussion brought up about having subcommittees for the board. This was tabled for a future meeting.


 Next was an amendment regarding DIBS of 15 and fees for the upcoming season. Motion made by Peter Miskovich to have DIBS fees set at the same rate as last year of $220, seconded by David Kuschel, approved by all.


 Colleen Forrest gave an update regarding tournaments and tournament fees. Tournament fees in Grand Rapids will remain the same as last year.


 Next on the agenda was discussion on changing days for the Iron Range Goalie Clinic from Wednesday’s to a different day due to lower than expected turnout due to religious education on Wednesday nights. The discussion was tabled for the May 2018 meeting.


 Final discussion was a welcome for the incoming board member Sarah Polhamus. She will be a Director on the GRAHA board starting in July of 2018.


Board President Sean Colter opened the meeting for further member input. None was given.

Meeting adjourned at 9:05 PM

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