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GRAHA Board Minutes FEB 2018

07/17/2018, 8:00am CDT
By Mark Butterfield

GRAHA Board Meeting


IRA Civic Center

Meeting Opening 6:00 PM


Member’s Present: Sean Colter, David Kuschel, Chris Henrichsen, Peter Miskovich, Jeremy Carlson, Mark Butterfield

Others Present: Colleen Forrest, Dale Christy, Corey Jackson, Emil Makinen

Meeting started open to the public: Mite programmer Corey Jackson started off with a request for feedback regarding the yearly mite jamboree and the possibilities of advertising or reaching out early to gather teams for the yearly jamboree. This is a 12-team jamboree. He stated that it is hard to fill the open team slots and is hoping for teams to commit before the season starts. The board did not make a motion and will add it to the March Board meeting agenda.

Emil Makinen, independent contract referee, requested mileage reimbursement for driving to Grand Rapids from his home. He stated he is concerned Grand Rapids will lose referees, because other towns pay mileage to referees. Mark Butterfield noted there is a document on the District 12 Hockey website regarding referee pay and mileage reimbursments. The board asked that Mr. Makinen speak with District 12 Hockey Director, Steve Oleheiser, and the director of referees regarding the mileage reimbursement policy so that everyone is on the same page, and that the reimbursements are proper.

Gambling update: Gambling Manager Dale Christy requested approval for the December 2017 report. Motion was made by David Kuschel, seconded by Mark Butterfield, Approved by all.

Next Dale Christy requested to approve the budget. Motion by Peter Miskovich, seconded by David Kuschel. Approved by all.

There was a donation request from Hoot-n-Holler for the Blackduck High School post prom festivities for $500. Motion was made by Peter Miskovich, seconded by Jeremy Carlson, and approved by all.

Next was a request to approve the monthly check register. Motion was made by Chris Henrichsen, seconded by Peter Miskovich, and approved by all.

Treasurer Update: Chris Henrichsen gave the monthly update on financials. Motion was made by David Kuschel, seconded by Peter Miskovich, and approved by all.

Boys’ and Girls’ PDC updates were given Regarding team practice plans for next year. Also, there is a request to draft documents regarding expectations of the coach to parents, and expectations of parents to coaches. GRAHA employee, Colleen Forrest, stated she will need a rough estimate on the number of players for next year, so she can start planning for how many teams there will be for each age appropriate Star of The North Tournament, and game scheduling. Finally, the PDC touched base on the player movement policy they are currently working on. The board decided to discuss the player movement policy during the March 2018 meeting.

Voting Process: The board discussed the initial draft of the voting process for filling all board positions. Further discussion will be on the March 2018 agenda.

No Secretary report this month from Secretary Chad Sterle. Mr. Sterle was unavailable for the meeting.

Board President Sean Colter again opened the meeting to public input. No public input was given.

Meeting adjourned at 7:50 pm.

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