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07/17/2018, 8:00am CDT
By Chad Sterle, secretary

GRAHA General Meeting

Minutes from January 9, 2018

IRA Civic Center



The meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m.

Board members present were Chris Henrichsen, Mark Butterfield, Chad Sterle, Chris Morque, Dave Kuschel and Jeremy Carlson.

Others in attendance were Tom Pagel, Dale Anderson, Colleen Forrest and Dale Christy.

To begin the meeting Tom Pagel and Dale Anderson gave a comprehensive overview of the proposed expansion to the IRA Civic Center which would include, among other things, a Boys and Girls Club, a daycare, new roof, improvements to the cooling system and others. 


Next was the gambling update from Dale Christy.  Motion was made by Dave Kuschel to approve the November 2017 monthly gambling return, seconded by Chad Sterle which passed unanimously.


Next we went through the budget for January 2018.  After review a motion was made by Chad Sterle, seconded by Chris Morque which passed unanimously.


Next a donation request was made.  $145,031 needed to be returned to GRAHA in the form of registration raffle proceeds. Motion was made by Chris Henrichsen, seconded by Chris Morque which passed unanimously.


Next the Board went through the December 2017 check registry.  Motion was made by Mark Butterfield, seconded by Dave Kuschel which passed unanimously.


Next the Board went through the December 201 meeting minutes.  Motion was made by Chris Morquay, seconded by Mark Butterfield which passed unanimously.


Next was the Treasurer’s report. After a long review of the report the motion was made by Mark Butterfield to pass the balance sheet, profit and loss statements July through December, the profit and loss statements year-end comparison, the profit and loss statements budget versus actual, and the transaction by account.  The motion was seconded by Chris Morque and passed unanimously.


The Board then had a conversation regarding the upcoming Junior Gold Tournament and requiring additional DIBS.  Colleen was going to work through the process to help the tournament get volunteers. 


Next the Board had a conversation regarding both the election processes and our player move-up policy. Those will be discussed at further meetings.


The meeting adjourned at 7:16.

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