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GRAHA Board Minutes September 2017

01/04/2018, 3:00pm CST
By Chad Sterle

GRAHA General Meeting

Minutes from September 11, 2017

IRA Civic Center (East Rink)



The meeting was called to order at 6:04 p.m.

Board members present were Sean Colter, Chris Henrichsen, Mark Butterfield, Peter Miskovich, Brad Hyduke, Chris Marinucci, Dave Kuschel and Jeremy Carlson.

Also present were Dale Christy, Dale Anderson and Colleen Forrest.

Dale Anderson spoke first on behalf of the Grand Rapids Parks and Recreation Department regarding delaying the opening of the East rink until the first week of November instead of the week of October 22nd. This is due to the cost for cooling system startup/power demand charge at $6,000 and weekly power charges of $1,000 per week. This does not affect ice times for the final week of October as there will be enough ice available for both the boys' and girls' programs until Mites, Mini-Mites, and 8U take full effect in November.

Next, Dale Christy gave the gambling report. Motion was made by Dave Kuschel, seconded by Mark Butterfield. All approved.

Dale Christy asked for the Board to approve the monthly budget for September 2017. Motion was made by Chris Marinucci, and seconded by David Kuschel. Approved by all.

Next there were requests for donations to the Special Olympics for $500 and the second Harvest Food Bank for $500. Motion was made by Peter Miskovich, seconded by Mark Butterfield and approved unanimously.

Next, Dale Christy went through the August check register. Motion was made by Chris Marinucci, seconded by David Kuschel, and approved by all.

Mr. Christy also announced the raffle ticket drawing will be at Florio's Restaurant on December 28th, 2017.

Due to Secretary Chad Sterle's noted absence, the secretary’s report was moved to October.

The financial report was given by Finance Treasurer Chris Henrichsen. Motion was made by Mark Butterfield and seconded by Brad Hyduke to approve the finances and check register. This motion was approved unanimously.

Chris Marinucci from Boys' PDC stated an update could not be given today, due to the PDC meeting being the following day of 9-12-2017. An update will follow next month. Mr. Marinucci stated that some GRAHA boys' teams may need help with certain practices due to a shortage of coaches until tryouts are finished. Board members Chris Henrichsen, Peter Miskovich, Sean Colter, David Kuschel, and Mark Butterfield stated they would be able to help with the program practices as long as they are up to date on their Safe Sport, background checks, coaching levels, proper ADM age specific modules, and USA Hockey and MN Hockey memberships.

Brad Hyduke from the Girls' PDC had one update. There was a request to move Jazzy Bischoff up from the 12U program to the 15U program. Motion was made by Peter Miskovich and seconded by Chris Henrichsen. This motion passed unanimously.

Finally, the panel was open to the general membership for input. None was given.

Meeting adjourned at 7:30 PM.

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