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GRAHA Board Minutes June 2017

07/19/2017, 12:00pm CDT
By Ch


GRAHA General Meeting

Minutes from June 5, 2017

Timberlake Lodge



Meeting was called to order at 6 p.m.

Board members in attendance were Sean Colter, Jeremy Carlson, Chris Henrichsen, Pete Miskovich, Mark Butterfield, Chris Marinucci and Chad Sterle

Others in attendance were Gary Dick, Colleen Forrest and Dale Christy.

There was a presentation by GRABA (Grand Rapids Amateur Baseball Association) presented by Gary Dick.  Mr. Dick asked for a donation from GRAHA for $5,000.  It was articulated that the need was based on the new launching of Sport Engine to assist their association.  They wanted assistance in running their scholarship program, noting that GRAHA has had a long-standing scholarship program that runs efficiently.  They have also started a new age 13 baseball team league that has increased their costs.  After a presentation by Mr. Dick the Board decided to table this request until a future meeting primarily based upon the fact that we have not set our 2018 budget yet and do not know our ability to provide funds for the upcoming year.

Nextwas the gambling updated presented by Dale Christy.  Dale presented the April tax return.  Motion was made by ChadSterle, seconded by Chris Henrichsen which passed unanimously to approve said return.  Dale then presented the June monthly budget, noting it was down from last month due to there only being two pay periods and not three.  Motion was made by Chris Marinucci, seconded by Mark Butterfield which passed the budget unanimously.

Mr. Christy went through a compliance review report submitted by the State of Minnesota Board of Charitable Gambling.  Dale outlined all concerns raised in the review and is working on a written response which is due at the end of July.  We will review his report prior to it being sent out.

Mr. Christy also informed us that the yearly audit will occur July 1, 2017 and we will need GRAHA Board members to participate in this yearly audit.

Mr. Christy went through the check register for May.  Motion was made by Chris Henrichsen, seconded by Mark Butterfield which passed the register unanimously.

Lastly there was aconversation relative to GRAHA providing a $5,000 donation to the City of GrandRapids for the multi-use pavilion that was previously discussed.  No action was taken on this matter as the budget has not been set for 2018.

Next was the Secretary’s report.  Motion was made by Chris Marinucci, seconded by Chris Henrichsen which passed unanimously the minutes from the May meeting.

The financial report was presented by Chris Henrichsen. We went through and discussed reimbursement from the Kaupi fund.  The Kaupi fund reimbursed GRAHA $1,400 for last year’s scholarships.  The Grand Rapids Golf Classic Board has agreed to provide $4,120 to pay the difference for all scholarship funds for last year.  Mr. Henrichsen went through the balance sheet, profit-loss statements, transactions by account as well as the check register.  Motion was made by Chad Sterle, seconded by Mark Butterfield which passed unanimously to approve the balance sheets as of May 31, 2017, profit/loss statements from July 16 through May 17, the profit/loss statements from July 16-May 17 which is a yearly comparison, the profit loss statementsfor the time frame budget versus actual, transactions by account and the check register. 

Next there was a very long discussion about the 2018 budget proposal.  Mr. Henrichsen went through a very detailed proposed budget.  After a lengthy discussion about income, expenses, and an unforeseen increase in ice fees due to a public utilities correction that will result in an additional $90,000 in ice fee costs spread over a year, the Board went through in great detail the proposed budget.  The Board is forecasting 416 paid registrants for the upcoming year. When we divide the number of paid registrants by the amount of needed revenue, it results in a 21% increase in fees.  The Board had a discussion as to how best to balance the budget for 2018.  Motion was made by Pete Miskovich to accept the proposed budget which includes a 21% increase in all registration fees (rounded to the nearest $30 increment).  Motion was seconded by Chris Marinucci and passed unanimously.

Next was areport by the men’s PDC.  There were recommendations made as to Bantam AA and Squirt A coaches.  Motion was made by Mark Butterfield to appoint Pat Rendle the Bantam AA coach and to appoint Todd Rohloff and Andy Shermoen as co-head coaches of the Squirt A program. Motion was seconded by Chad Sterle and passed unanimously.

The meeting adjourned at 7:50 p.m.

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