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GRAHA Board Minutes May 2017

06/07/2017, 4:30pm CDT
By Chad Sterle, secretary

GRAHA General Meeting

Minutes from May 1, 2017

Dutch Room



Board members in attendance were Trent Klatt, Mark Butterfield, Chad Sterle, Chris Morque, Shawn Colter, Brad Hyduke, Chris Marinucci, Jeremy Carlson and Chris Henrichsen.

Guests were William Peltier, Colleen Forrest, Dale Anderson, Dale Christy, and Aaron Riehle.

First was a presentation by Dale Anderson on behalf of the City of Grand Rapids. Dale provided an update as to the Miner Family Multi-Use Pavilion status.  He informed us that the entire budget of the pavilion has been spent and there are no more funds available for additional improvements.  He asked GRAHA to consider making a $10,000 per year payment for five years equaling $50,000 as we discussed as a Board last year.  Such funds will be used for additional fencing, sound systems and other improvements.  The Board had a long conversation about this issue and decided we needed to look at our 2018 budget prior to making a sound commitment.  However, the Board agreed unanimously that it is important to honor our $10,000 commitment for five years.

Dale Christy provided the gambling update.  He provided information relative to charitable donations that the Board made in 2006 to 2016. This information was important to consider when addressing the City’s contribution of $10,000 per year.  We tabled this for further action.

Next Aaron Riehle provided a Junior Gold update.  They exceeded their yearly budget by $369.29 for the last hockey season.As they are non-parent coaches they want to be made whole and be reimbursed this amount. Motion was made by Chris Morque, seconded by Mark Butterfield which passed unanimously to increase their budget by $369.29 for last year to reimburse them their out-of-pocket expenses.

The Charitable Gambling update was providedby Dale Christy. Wewent through the March 2017 tax return.  Motion was made by Chris Marinucci, seconded by Chris Morque which passed unanimously to approve said return. The Board reviewed the May 2017 budget, noting that it is larger than normal because there are three payrolls in the month of May.  Motion was made by Chad Sterle, seconded by Chris Henrichsen which passed unanimously to approve said budget.  We also went through the check register for April 2017. Motion was made by Mark Butterfield, seconded by Chris Morque which passed unanimously to approve said register.

Mr. Christy then provided us a history of charitable donations made by us from 2014 to the current date for further consideration.  We decided to make no change to how we consider requests for charitable donations.

Next was the Secretary’s report.  The Board considered the April 2017 meeting minutes.  Motion was made by Chris Morque, seconded by Brad Hyduke which passed unanimously to approve said minutes.

Next was the financial report by Chris Henrichsen.  Chris went through the balance sheets as of April 30, 2017; profit/loss statements July 2016-April 2017, which was a yearly comparison; went through the profit/ loss statements from July 2016 from April 2107, comparing that to budget; and then went through the profit//loss statementsfrom July 2016 through April 2107 which was the budget to actual expenses.  Lastly Chris went through the transaction by account.  Motion was made by Chad Sterle, seconded by Chris Morque which passed unanimously to approve all above financial information.

The Board had a conversation about the fact that GRAHA is losing approximately $8,000 per year by our registrants using credit cards through Sport Engine to pay fees.  We estimated we are losing approximately 5-6% per registrant.  We’ll address this matter in the future.

Brad Hyduke presented on behalf of the girl’s PDC.  He asked to have included in 2018’s budget consideration for purchasing hard dividers for the east venue through a program sponsored by Minnesota Hockey.  The total cost of this would be $5,400.  This number will  be included in the proposed 2018 budget for its consideration.

Next we had a conversation with Colleen Forrest about our Squirt B tournament policy.  After a discussion the Board decided to make no changesto that policy. 

Lastly we had a long conversation about the swapping of tournament fees between Grand Rapids and other hockey associations.  We noted that Grand Rapids’ tournaments are $1,400 per team and other programs are less than this.  Due to the fact that teams have been swapping entrance fees, we have not deducted said tournament fees from those team’s budgets.  This results in those teams being overcompensated.  After a lengthy discussion a motion was made by Chad Sterle, seconded by ChrisHenrichsen which passed unanimously to deduct from every team the amount of Grand Rapids’ home tournament fees (presently $1,400) for any team who swaps entrance fees.

Next there was a conversation about compensating a hockey parent for labor he donated in making improvements to a door at the Civic Center.  The Board decided this was not appropriate.

The meeting adjourned at 8:02 p.m.

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