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GRAHA Board Minutes February 2017

04/19/2017, 1:15pm CDT
By Chad Sterle

GRAHA General Meeting

Minutes from February 6, 2017

IRA Civic Center



Board members present included Mark Butterfield, Chris Henrichsen, Dave Kuschel, Jeremy Carlson, Sean Colter, Peter Miskovich, Chris Morque, Chris Marinucci and Chad Sterle.


Others in attendance were Colleen Forrest and Dale Christy.


We first went through the financial reports as presented by Chris Henrichsen.  The Board reviewed the balance sheets as of January 2017, the profit/loss statements of July 2016 through January 2017, the profit/loss budget and the check register.  Motion was made by Chad Sterle, seconded by Chris Morque to pass approval of all documents cited above. 


Next was the charitable gambling report presented by Dale Christy.  Mr. Christy presented the Board with the Charitable gambling report and monthly tax return.  After a review of all documents a Motion was made by Chad Sterle, seconded by Dave Kuschel which passed unanimously to approve all documents as presented. 


Additionally, the Board reviewed  the proposed February 2017 Charitable Gambling budget.  After a review a motion was made by pass the budget by Chad Sterle, seconded by Jeremy Carlson which passed unanimously.


There was continued discussion related to a previous request that the Board  make a donation to the Itasca County Pickleball Association.  After a general conversation no action was taken on this matter.


There was a request to accept a donation of $54,875 from Charitable Gambling.  After a discussing of the available of funds and projected future income a  Motion was made by Dave Kuschel, seconded by Mark Butterfield which passed unanimously to make said request. 


The Board reviewed the monthly Charitable Gambling check register.  Motion was made to approve the check register by Chad Sterle, seconded by Chris Morque which passed unanimously.


There was a presentation to address the yearly Walleye Shootout Fishing Tournament.  Presently a four-wheeler is being raffled and tickets are being sold in support of this fundraiser.  The Committee is also presently accepting boat entries.


Motion was made to adjourn at 7:12 p.m.


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