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GRAHA Board Minutes MAR 2019

04/26/2019, 10:00pm CDT
By Board

GRAHA Board of Directors

Monthly Meeting

March 11th, 2019

Location; Grand Rapids IRA Civic Center


  -Board Members Present- Sean Colter, David Kuschel, Sarah Polhamus, Chris Henrichsen, Peter Miskovich, Brad Hyduke, Mark Butterfield, Jeremy Carlson

  -Others present- Colleen Brennan, Gambling Manager Dale Christy, and Angie Baratto.


Meeting called to order- 6:00 pm.


  -Gambling Update- Gambling Manager Dale Christy gave the update for January. He mentioned the positive impact pull tab sales have made at the newest locations. All sales locations are doing well.

-A motion was made by Sean Colter, and seconded by Sarah Polhamus, to approve the January 2019 GRAHA gambling tax return. Approved by all.

- Chris Henrichsen made a motion, seconded by Dave Kuschel, to approve the budget for March 2019. Approved by all.

-Sean Colter made a motion, seconded by Brad Hyduke, to approve the February 2019 check register. Motion approve by all.

-A motion was made by Sean Colter, seconded by Brad Hyduke, to buy the four remaining Boy’s Grand Rapids Senior High School Varsity Hockey replica jerseys that were autographed by the 2017 MN High School State Hockey Championship team, for $280. Motion approved by all.

-Next was a discussion on beneficiaries for the GRAHA Walleye Shootout. Motion was made by Brad Hyduke, seconded by Jeremy Carlson, to approve the new beneficiary as Grand Rapids High School Band, of whom will sell GRAHA Boat Raffle tickets and receive half of the proceeds for each ticket they sell. Motion approved by all.


-No Secretary report given due to Chad Sterle’s absence.


-Treasurer Chris Henrichsen gave the Treasurer report. Ice fees paid to the City of Grand Rapids were lower than expected, due to two less tournament. Budgets were within reason.

-Motion made buy Pete Miskovich, seconded by Sean Colter, to approve the February 2019 financials and checkbook register. Motion approved by all.


-Colleen Brennan asked if there was going to be a change in tournament fees this year. The board decided to leave the fees at the same rate. Away tournaments and registration were also discussed.

-Registration-There was also discussion on the proposed player registration numbers for the 2019-2020 hockey season. There is a strong possibility of 48 Squirts, 48 Peewees, 42 Bantams, and 21 boys moving up to the high school level. GRAHA will be offering a Jr Gold team for next season.



-Next was a long discussion on what is best for the DIBS program. DIBS fees and DIBS signups may change next season. 94 parents completed their DIBS last season and 63 did not. Thus, GRAHA had to pay people to fulfill DIBS shifts.


PDC Updates- Brad Hyduke and Peter Miskovich discussed practice scheduling, offseason hockey opportunities. The current spring, summer, and fall options in the area remain strong. There will be a good possibility of affordable summer camps coming up during the summer.


-A discussion was held regarding GRAHA still needing a scheduler as soon as possible.

-Sean Colter opened the meeting to the public. No input was given.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm.


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