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GRAHA Board Minutes DEC 2018

04/26/2019, 10:00pm CDT
By Board

GRAHA Board of Directors

Monthly Meeting


IRA Civic Center, Grand Rapids, MN


Board Members Present- Sean Colter, David Kuschel, Sarah Polhamus, Chris Henrichsen, Peter Miskovich, Brad Hyduke, Mark Butterfield, Jeremy Carlson

Others- Colleen Forrest, Todd Plackner, Emil Makinen, Tom Anick, Troy Scott, Cody Mann, Anthony Podominick


Meeting called to order 6:30PM


-Chris Henrichsen discussed outstanding sponsorships, profit/loss, monthly financials, and the checkbook register.

-Motion made by David Kuschel to approve monthly financials and checkbook register, seconded by Mark Butterfield, approved by all.

-Request from Treasurer Henrichsen, to transfer funds to the gambling account in order to run registration raffle held December 27th, at Florio’s in Cohasset. Motion made by Jeremy Carlson, seconded by Sean Colter, and approved by all.

November Meeting Minutes

-Motion made by Sean Colter, seconded by Sarah Polhamus, to approve amended November 2018 meeting minutes, approved by all except Peter Miskovich abstaining due to absence.

No Secretary report given, due to Chad Sterle’s prior engagement.

No Boy’s or Girls’ PDC reports given.

Referee Policy Discussion on Disciplinary Action and Collaboration.

-A long discussion was held on referee disciplinary procedures. Discussion contained collaborating with referees regarding scheduling, issues/discipline, expectations, USA Hockey Policy, and possibilities of adding an appointed official to the board.

-File made, and can be requested by board president, Sean Colter.


Meeting was opened to the public for any input. None given.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30pm.


Gambling Update

-A special meeting regarding the gambling update was held at 7pm, on December 4th, at the IRA Civic center. Gambling Manager Dale Christy could not make the scheduled board meeting on December 3rd, due to prior engagements.

-Members in attendance- Sean Colter, Dale Christy, Sarah Polhamus, Mike Bader, Paul Clafton, Tracy Clafton, and Brian Miller.

-Motion to approve November Check register made by Mike Bader, seconded by Sean Colter, approved by all.

-Motion made to approve the gambling budget by Sean Colter, seconded by Paul Clafton, and approved by all.

-Motion made to approve the October Gambling summary and Tax Return made by Sean Colter, seconded by Paul Clafton, and approved by all.



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