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10,000 Puck Club Challenge

10,000 Puck Shooting Challenge

Current Club Members:

2022 10K Puck Finishers

Henrik Carlson

Zandon Chamberlain

Jax Colter

Zach Conrad

Tucker DeBay

Kason Ferguson

Kegan Ferguson

Kyler Ferguson

Breckon Hack

Easton Hack

Briggham Mertes

James Olds

Brooks Skelton

Bo Soular


Please send your tracking sheets to: or


Clafton Skate

Kyle Casey State Farm

The Dutch Room & Mad Dog's Pizza

Grand Rapids & GRG Hockey ~ 10,000 Puck Club Challenge

Grand Rapids&GRG Hockey

10,000 Puck Club Challenge

Need something to do this summer?  Want to make your game better?  Here we go, jump on our GRAHA challenge whether you do it yourself or grab a few friends to join in the fun.

GRAHA is driven to help our players grow and develop and we have our 10,000 Puck Challenge.  GRAHA is encouraging all players to participate in this challenge.  The challenge is designed to encourage our hockey players to develop great shooting skills as well as recognize the commitment it takes in the sport of hockey.


The Challenge:

The challenge will start on March 1st of each year and conclude on October 31st of each year.  All players who were registered during the previous hockey season are eligible to complete the challenge.  Shots must be documented on the shot tracker sheet at the top left of the page.  Once the player completes all 10,000 shots, please email the filled in tracking sheets to either or

The Rewards:

In November of each year, players who complete the 10,000 puck challenge will have their name listed on the Wall of Workers at the IRA Civic Center and will be recognized on the GRAHA website for the duration of the year.  Additionally, each player who completes the challenge will receive a GRAHA 10,000 puck challenge t-shirt.

Our Goals:

Our challenge shall increase shot speed, quickness and accuracy.  We look forward to seeing the results as we strive to raise more High School State Championship banners soon!  Let the Games Begin.


Combined Challenge Completions

In 2021, we had eight players who completed both the rink rat and 10,000 puck shooting challenge:

Micah Brey

Henrik Carlson

Jax Colter

Kegan Ferguson

William Haarklau

Easton Hack

Sammy Johnson

Luke Wheelock


Alex Goligoski generously donated a signed Arizona Coyotes jersey to be raffled off to a player who completed both challenges.  The winner of the jersey was Will Haarklau.  The rink rat challenge begins at the start of the outdoor ice season and concludes when the outdoor rinks are no longer operational.  Players who complete this challenge have skated an additional fifty hours outdoors above and beyond GRAHA scheduled events.  The 10,000 puck challenge begins each March and concludes on Halloween.  Players who have completed this challenge have successfully shot 10,000 pucks during the off season.  It is a year worth of work that these players have put in collectively outside of GRAHA sanctioned events.  All of the players who completed both of these challenges should be commended and celebrated for their hard work!  Thank you again to our generous sponsors, Clafton Skate, Kyle Casey State Farm, and The Dutchroom & Mad Dog's Pizza.  Also, a special thank you to Alex Goligoski for your support of GRAHA and the jersey donation!