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Northwoods Pond Hockey Championship

Northwoods Pond Hockey Championship

“Turning ice into water”

The third annual Northwoods Pond Hockey Championship is a one day pond hockey tournament on McKinney Lake in Grand Rapids.

This year the tournament is set to take place Saturday, February 10, 2018.

The vision is to have 8 rinks, 48 teams, three divisions (gold, silver, and last pick) and “Turning ice into water” is a tag line of the tournament.

The tag line describes our passion to play hockey so that people around this world can have clean drinking water.

Proceeds from the tournament this year will go towards digging water wells in Africa through an organization called World Serve. Another goal of the tournament is to create an enjoyable and memorable community event that encourages people to get connected and be active during our long, cold winters.


For questions, please feel free to contact  Jon Scally at (218) 398-0741.  For more information on the tournament, visit our website at"

Below are some links for more information and there are PDF files to the right including registration and sponsorship forms.
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