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GRAHA Board Minutes - December 2011

12/05/2011, 8:06am CST
By Mike Stefan

GRAHA General Meeting
December 5 , 2011
IRA Civic Center, Grand Rapids, MN  55744
Board Members Present:  Kelly Hain, Steve Mann, Dave Hernesman,  Tom Peterson, Mike Stefan, Sholom Blake,  Joe Broking, Ron Holum
Board Members Absent:    Bruce Laroque, Jim Bonner, Brad Hyduke,
Others Present:  Bryan Harris, Jane Barrick, Bill Peltier,

6:40p.m. Meeting Called to Order

Secretary’s Report:  Mike Stefan
Approved the November 2011 meeting minutes.     Motion to approve the minutes by Blake, 2nd by Peterson, unanimously approved.
Treasurer’s Report:  Joe Broking
Presented Balance Sheet and Check Register by Sholom Blake, Motion to approve expenditures by Mann, 2nd by Holum, unanimously approved.
Motion to adjust registration for Jens Person calculated on a per month pro rata fee for time active, motion to approve by Peterson, 2nd by Sholom Blake.  Unanimously approved.
Committee Reports:
Lawful Gambling:  Dale Christy
Bill Peltier submitted the monthly gambling reports and forms to be filed with the State of Minnesota including the MN Form G-1 Monthly Gambling and Activity Reports for October 2011.  After review and discussion Motion to approve the reports was made by Mann, 2nd by Blake.  Unanimously approved.  Report included with minutes.  
Bill Peltier presented the proposed Gambling Budget for the upcoming month.  Motion by Blake, 2nd by Peterson.  Unanimously approved.
Dale Christy presented the board with the October check register listing all disbursements from the gambling account.  Motion by Mann, 2nd  Holum.  Unanimously approved.
PR Committee:  Mike Stefan
Updated on status of Raffles, Newsletter.   Boat Raffle and Wild Night Giveaway, tickets are being sold at the tournaments.
Referees:  Denny Gibbons
Motion to stick with 2 man refereeing system for Bantam Level Games.  Motion to approve by Mann, 2nd by Holum, Unanimously approved.
PDC Committee:  Dave Hernesman/Bruce Laroque
Motion to approve Bree Chappie moving from 14U to 12UB and Brock Handyside from Squirts to Mites.  Motion to approve by Peterson, 2nd by Holum, Approved
Committee recommends Mike Malon, Matt Rajala, and Melissa Gilbert as 12UB coaches.  Motion to approve by Blake, 2nd by Peterson.  Unanimously approved.
Girls Program:  Brad Hyduke
No report
Youth Coordinator:  Dale Anderson
No Report
Registration:  Karen Lind-Reis
Update:  18 registered for Jr. Gold.
8U move ups registration fee.  Move ups will pay the cost of registration for the level they play.  Will pay as 10UB level at $300.  
Tournament Director:  Brian and Sue Harris
Brian updated the board on first tournament.  Was a success but as is the case learned some things to improve going forward.
Equipment:  Tom Peterson
Ordered 10 more Uniforms for PeeWee B’s
Website:  Sean Martinson
No Report presented
District 12 Update – Steve Mann
No Report presented
New Business:
Motion to approve reimbursing Boys and Girls JV players who are not all ready registered for USA hockey’s fee at $40 dollars per player from the General Fund (required by USA hockey when kids in the GRAHA program skate with the JV teams).  Motion by Peterson, 2nd by Blake, Approved, unanimous.
Motion to approve $400 donation to Lightning Booster Club.  Motion by Peterson, 2nd by Blake, Approved, unanimous.
General Liability Policy for GRAHA discussed by Kelly Hain.  Motion by Broking to purchase General Liability insurance, 2nd by Blake, Approved, unanimous.
Request for a donation from GRAHA to pay for display case in lobby for past players.  $500.  Motion by Peterson to approve paying for case, 2nd by Blake, Approved unanimous.
Motion by Blake to have all pull tab sponsors be approved as a DIII sponsor.  2nd by Mann.  Approved Unanimous.
8:28  p.m. Meeting was adjourned.

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