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July 2011 Board Minutes

10/20/2011, 11:22am CDT
By Mike Stefan


GRAHA General Meeting
July 11, 2011
Eagle’s Club, Highway 169 South, Grand Rapids, MN
Board Members Present: Kelly Hain, Joe Broking, Dave Hernesman, Jerry Stejskal, Brad Hyduke, Tom Peterson, Mike Stefan
Board Members Absent:   Jim Bonner, Bruce LaRoque, Sholom Blake
Others Present: Dale Christy, Kelly Broking, Jenny Shafer, Denise Cline, Jane Barrick
6:30 p.m. Meeting Called to Order
Secretary’s Report: Mike Stefan
Approved the June 2011 meeting minutes.   Motion to approve the minutes by Broking, 2nd by Peterson, unanimously approved.
Treasurer’s Report: Joe Broking
Presented Balance Sheet and Income Statements along with the check register listing all the disbursements for the month of May. Motion by Peterson to approve the financial information, 2nd by Hyduke, unanimously approved.
Committee Reports:
Lawful Gambling:  Bill Peltier for Dale Christy
Dale Christy submitted the monthly gambling reports and forms to be filed with the State of Minnesota including the MN Form G-1 Monthly Gambling and Activity Reports for May 2011. After review and discussion Motion to approve the reports was made by Broking, 2nd by Peterson. Unanimously approved. Report included with minutes. 
Dale Christy presented the proposed Gambling Budget for the upcoming month. Motion by Peterson, 2nd by Hernesman. Unanimously approved.
Bill presented the board with the May check register listing all disbursements from the gambling account. Motion by Broking, 2nd by Hyduke. Unanimously approved.
Board would like to thank Dale Gunderson and Steve Hauser for helping with the Audit of the gambling sites. Thank you very much!!!
Motion to adjust the payout for the Calendar drawing from $10,000 to $10,100. Motion by Broking, 2nd by Peterson. Unanimously approved.
PR Committee: Mike Stefan
Special Thanks to Joe Broking for spearheading ticket sales for Boat Raffle.
Jane Barrick presented ideas for the newsletter that will be sent to members. Will be part of sign up for hockey to register. Newsletter will be sent out 10 times a year and will have students assist in the production of the newsletter. Need to work through some virus protection software.
Fundraising Committee: Presented specifics on contracting with HairBall for a fundraising concert. Date proposed is Oct. 7th in East Rink. Motion to contract with Hairball and pay $5,000 booking fee by Hernesman, 2nd by Stejskal, unanimously approved.
Referees: Denny Gibbons
No report
PDC Committee: Dave Hernesman/Bruce Laroque
No report
Girls Program: Brad Hyduke
No report
Youth Coordinator: Dale Anderson
No report
Registration: Karen Lind-Reis
No report
Tournament Director: Brian and Sue Harris
Brian and Sue agreed to be Tournament Directors-Thank you!!!
Discussed different ideas to make the tournaments an event for participating teams, ideas included water bottles, oranges in locker rooms, game on outdoor rink.
Equipment: Tom Peterson
Discussion on the need for new uniforms for the association. Grand Rapids needs to be similar for the boys program, i.e. same jerseys and girls program, same jerseys. Discussed needs for which levels,etc. Motion to approve purchase of new jerseys for 14UA, 12UA, 12U, Peewee B2, B1, A, Bantam B2, B1, A for 2011, 2012 season. Motion to purchase jerseys by Broking, 2nd Hyduke, unanimously approved.
Goaltending Equipment-board discussed that it does not want to be responsible for the handling of equipment, not our role in the organization. Motion was presented to provide goalie equipment for 10UB, Suirt B teams, and below, but will no longer provide equipment for other levels. Motion by Broking, second by Stejskal, unanimously approved.
Website: Sean Martinson
No report
District 12 Update – Kelly Hain
Discussed A & AA games for 2011-2012 season.
New Business:
Budget, 2011-2012, Budget discussed, Team Fees were approved as part of the budget See attached fees to the minutes. Motion to approve budget by Hernesman, 2nd by Hyduke, approved unanimously, contingent on review by President, Treasurer, and Vice President.
9:18 p.m. Meeting was adjourned.

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